Memories of Shea

4 Mar

By Jim Walters

Is it just me, but when the city was covered in deep freeze, didn’t memories of a sun-soaked Shea warm your hearts like a hot cup of cocoa after shoveling 2-feet of snow.

While Citi Field is beautiful, and in desperate need of a winning team on the field, it is not Shea. It never will be.

Perhaps Shea holds a special place in my heart because of 26 years of memories. I think of those crazy nights in 1999 and 2000, as well as those memorable moments in 2006 when we felt destined to take back this town.

Of course there’s those memories of who I went with. Those rain delays in a packed Casey’s, plus the endless memories of begging players and ballgirls for foul balls, while walking out of Shea as a kid with a big foam finger and a full stomach of hot dogs and soda.

Citi is still a ballpark that is growing on me like a substitute teacher in elementary school. I need to get to know her better, spend more time learning how this field of dreams will be the background of my future baseball days. Citi will likely be my Mets home for the rest of my life, so for better or for worse, its home.

As spring slowly enters our life, share your memories of Shea and those amazing days that made up the fabric of our lives.


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