Minaya Sealed His Own Fate

4 Mar

By Jim Walters

When the dust settles on this season (yes, I know it hasn’t even started yet), it is likely that Omar Minaya will not be the General Manager of the Mets.

While he reeled in big fish like Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez since taking the job in 2004, Minaya did three things that cost himself his job and his team a title.

1. Lack of Vision: Minaya was always one step behind. In 2006, as good as the Mets were, they didn’t have the starting pitching to compete. When Pedro Martinez and Orlando Hernandez went down near the end of the season, he depended on John Maine and Oliver Perez to step in when the games mattered most. While they did well, it stretched their bullpen and eventually the teams fate. In the following years, he didn’t address the bullpen which cost them in 2007 and 2008. He will always be remembered as being one move short.

2. Oliver Perez: In 2009, the Mets handed him a three-year, $36 million dollar contract. His career record is 58-64 with a 4.54 ERA. For some reason they paid him like a number two pitcher. While he showed moments of brilliance, his inconsistency made Mets fans grumble every time he took the mound. Who knows how they could’ve spent that money this off-season. The upside is that Perez is only 29 and a lefty. The downside is that Perez is a head case that is treated to a chorus of boos each time he retreats from the mound with his head hanging low. It is a sad, familiar site that makes fans cringe every fifth day.

3. Luis Castillo: For some reason, Minaya handed an aging Castillio a four-year, $25 million dollar contract after joining New York in a mid-season trade in 2007. Castillo was handed a contract that paid him like it was 1997, when he was younger, more flexible and with better range. While he had a decent season in 2009, he is an achy second baseman with no power. He can only be counted on to leave runners on third with less than two outs.

What hurts New York is that Castillo’s contract has handcuffed Minaya. The last two summers, Orlando Hudson wanted to play in Queens, but no other team would take on Castillo. Hudson would bring a sense of passion and great range that would solidify the line-up. Instead, Hudson is in Minnesota and Castillo continues to be the face of a losing franchise.

Minaya has dedicated $18 million to Castillo and Perez this season. It will be remembered as one of the worst investments in franchise history and the two moves that sent Omar packing.


One Response to “Minaya Sealed His Own Fate”

  1. Despo March 4, 2010 at 6:42 PM #

    Hey Jimmy…nice post…

    Omar needs to go. His time is up. The Tony Bernazard fiasco, mishandling of injuries, signing of aging players, etc is evidence that he is in way over his head!

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