Yankees Games Not Included in Ticket Sales

7 Mar

The Mets did not include the three May games against the Yankees in their individual ticket sales today on mets.com. The only way you can purchase tickets is to purchase tickets to other games through season tickets and partial ticket plans.

This means Yankee fans are purchasing multiple games to attend. While this fills the wallets of the Wilpons, it means more Yankee fans at Mets games, and we all know how wonderful this is.

These are the guys starting Let’s Go Yankees chants when the Marlins are in town and the Yankees are in Seattle.

So while this ticket ploy helps ownership fill the ballpark and their bank accounts, it gives the Yankee fans more reasons to invade Citi and to share their joy with the Mets faithful.


One Response to “Yankees Games Not Included in Ticket Sales”

  1. Anthony Katsoulakis March 7, 2010 at 9:36 PM #

    I like that you can not buy Mets Yankees on an individual basis, because it keeps Yankee fans out of the Subway series. Many Yankee fans are reluctant to invest in more then a couple of games at Citi filed, and by forcing a package on them it keeps them out, or sends them to stubhub.

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