Down Goes Nathan

21 Mar

While this blog focuses on the Mets and their rivals, news this morning about Twins closer Joe Nathan needs to be discussed.

Nathan will undergo season-ending elbow surgery, knocking one of the game’s best out of baseball.

As Minnesota opens their new ball park and attempts each day to re-sign catcher Joe Mauer, this injury crushes the Twins organization and fan base. It also hurts the game.

Nathan is fun to watch, and is as reliable during the regular season as anyone else in the game. His postseason success is a different story and that may be Nathan’s greatest regret.

Who knows what would’ve been if Nathan closed the door on the Yankees last October. The Twins season may not have ended so early, and their last season in the Metrodome would’ve been their greatest one.

Instead, last October was Nathan’s last stand. Who knows if that chance will ever come around again for Nathan and this version of the Twins.

This sad news hurts the Twins, and it hurts baseball.  Unfortunately, it may be to big of a loss to overcome for this rising franchise.


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