Are the Mets Doomed?

1 Apr

What a day to listen to the radio or read the newspapers in New York City.

Everywhere I turned, the sky was falling on the Mets. WFAN’s Mike Francesa fielded calls from Mets fans all day, killing the team and management. Francesa didn’t help, managing to build a dark cloud over Monday’s Opening Day.

On ESPN New York, Michael Kay interviewed Tim Kurkjian who also criticized New York as the most disappointing team this spring.

The NY Daily News also offered their predictions this morning that the Mets weren’t in the same league as the Phillies.

From a fan’s point of view, this is frustrating. The season may be terrible and filled with managerial changes and rumors of cleaning house, but Monday is Opening Day and for that, fans should be hopeful.

From an analyst’s point of view, the Mets are in trouble. The additions of injuries to key stars hasn’t helped.

News about the rise of the Braves, the dominance of the Phillies and even the young talent in Florida and Washington has the Mets floating around fourth or fifth in the division.

New York came into the spring with a handful of questions in the pitching staff. The last thing they needed was for the staff to struggle in Port St. Lucie. Struggled they did, and there is little for the fans to be optimistic about.

The days of hoping Oliver Perez winning 15 games was a pipe dream in March. Mike Pelfrey and John Maine did little to impress management, leaving us to wonder when Pedro Martinez gets a call.

While the weekend approaches and the Mets head north, this weekend, despite all of the frustrations and concerns, should still be one of hope.

It may be the last weekend we have.


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