Mets Predictions

3 Apr

It feels as if everyone has an opinion about the Mets in 2010. Most of them declare this season as another lost summer. Well, here is just another prediction filled with the hope of April as well as the experience of rooting for this team that we call ours.

Prediction: 89-73  Wild Card

I actually think the season will turn out well as the Mets win 89 games. Because it’s April, I’m going to give them the Wild Card. I am not sure if this will be good enough to clinch the fourth and final playoff spot.

The starting pitching will do enough, supported by Johan Santana’s 17-win season. New York will get 38 wins from Maine, Pelfrey and Perez. Maine will lead the way with 14-wins, followed by 13 from Pelfrey and 11 from Perez.

I expect the Mets to add bullpen help during the season to assist the bullpen by committee they are going north with.

As for offense, David Wright and Jason Bay will carry the offense, supported by a healthy Carlos Beltran who will return in May. Jose Reyes will have a very strong year and return as one of the game’s best players. I expect Mike Jacobs to see most of the playing time at first, only leaving room for Murphy to take first base back if Jacobs gets hurt.

Luis Castillo will be frustrating, leaving runners at third with less than two-outs. New York will also struggle with their bench, missing the big bat to provide help in the late innings.

New York will stay close with Philadelphia but the Phillies will always be ahead, keeping New York chasing all season long.

Post-season Predictions:

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies

NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals

NL West: Colorado Rockies

NL Wild Card: New York Mets

Divisional Round: Phillies vs. Cardinals. Cardinals win in 5

Divisional Round: Rockies vs. Mets. Mets win in 5

NL Championship Series: Cardinals vs Mets. Mets win in 6.

AL East: Boston Red Sox

AL Central: Chicago White Sox

AL West: Aneheim  Angels

AL Wild Card: New York Yankees

Divisional Round: Chicago White Sox vs. New York Yankees. Yankees win in 4

Divisional Round: Boston Red Sox vs. Aneheim Angels. Red Sox win in 4

AL Championship Series: Red Sox in 6

World Series: Mets vs. Red Sox.  Red Sox in 7


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