Worried About Our Apple

3 Apr

The Mets have moved the old homerun apple of Shea from the bullpen of Citi Field to in front of the Rotunda. While it creates a beautiful photograph, the apple is vulnerable to destruction and graffiti.

While this is a superb move by the Mets, shouldn’t it be covered in glass? What stops an individual from walking to the apple and destroying it.

I hope they hear this call to protect it before its too late.


One Response to “Worried About Our Apple”

  1. mvetack April 3, 2010 at 11:19 PM #

    Yea I agree, It is cool how the new location offers more people to gather around and take a look outside of the stadium. In the spot it was last year it seemed hidden. I took a lap around the stadium and looked into every knook and cranny and almost missed it. But I agree, any one can just go up to it and trash it, although at fenway they have Ted Williams statue outside fo the stadium and a lot of other stadiums have statues representing classic players/teams (jordan also has one I know of) So I guess it can be done.

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