Thoughts on Opening Day

6 Apr

Well, April 5th came and went. When the sun settled, the Mets were in first place, the training staff was depressed and David Wright made Citi Field look small.

Here are some random thoughts one day later.

  • I’m worried about the apple. While I love it in front of the stadium, it is at risk for some moron and a can of paint.
  • I sat in section 503, row 16. I was closer to the heavenly angels than to Angel Pagan.
  • I really enjoyed the little picnic area in the promenade. It was great to watch Mets fans meeting up and reuniting after a long, cold winter.
  • Whenever Johan Santana pitches, you know it’s special.
  • Was the National Anthem previously recorded? If it wasn’t, it was one of the best I’ve ever heard.
  • I love the big flag in center. Superb!
  • Many of the Mets fans stayed to the end. Good job by Manuel rewarding the faithful with K-Rod in the 9th.
  • I actually felt bad for Oliver Perez. Those boos can’t help this fragile soul.
  • The new uniforms look classy. Nice Job!
  • Hanley Ramirez tipped his cap to the crowd when he was introduced. He is a little too much for me. If he played for Philadelphia, he would be the most hated player in New York.
  • Went to Donovan’s after the game. Enough phenomenal burger and a wonderful place to go after the game.
  • I wish they were playing tonight!

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