State of the Mets: Sunday, April 11th

11 Apr

After the Mets Opening Day victory last Monday, fans found their beloved franchise in first place.

Many recognized that this wouldn’t last.

Five games later, New York finds itself in last place with a record of 2-4. The Mets had opportunities to win all of the games on the homestand, but the offense struggled throughout the week, leaving the fans frustrated and disappointed.

The good news for the Mets is the return of Jose Reyes to the line-up and the offensive surge from Jeff Francoeur.

Besides this, the line-up is short without Carlos Beltran and the hole at first is glaring.

It is only six games, but with the Phillies off to a superb start (5-1) and the rest of the division playing at least .500 ball, the pressure builds. It doesn’t help that New York begins a six game road trip against the Rockies and Cardinals, two of the best teams in the league.

At the very least, the Mets needed a .500 homestand so they could stay afloat this week. A 2-4 road trip will result in a 4-8 record when they return home. While even then it is only 12 games, the Mets will be in a hole that will feel so much worse.

Going on the road isn’t easy and the Mets staff will be challenged by the opposition and in Colorado, the ballpark. Fans can only hope that the road trip can take the pressure off and New York can find an offensive groove.

When Barajas came up Saturday with the bases loaded, many expected the Mets to find another way to lose. They did.

For most fans, they expect the same as their first road trip begins Tuesday night.


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