Fix the Mess, I Mean Mets

12 Apr

By Jim Walters

Jerry Manuel has been public about not rushing into any judgment on this team until the squad plays 20 games. While that gives us two more weeks of games for New York to prove themselves, the Mets have glaring holes today that will likely be here when April ends.

One of the frustrating parts of last season was the lack of execution by the “b-squad.” While these players were given countless opportunities to claim a permanent place in the line-up, they proved why they were back-up players.

This year, with injuries once again hurting the team, players like Mike Jacobs, Fernando Tatis, Angel Pagan and Gary Matthews Jr. have the chance to claim their stake with this team. Once again, they are failing.

Now six games is only a short sample, but New York needs to go young.

Until Beltran is back, the Mets should call of Fernando Martinez to play center. He had a great spring and a month in center will give him a unique opportunity to continue his winter and spring success.

New York should also give Ike Davis a chance at first. With growing pains expected, he at least brings an energy and excitement as the face of the Mets future. He also had a great spring and a chance to play first until Daniel Murphy returns is a short term solution to the Mets April problems.

One of the reasons why David didn’t come north was the concern of failure and how a rough April could effect the development of this young star. Following this logic, how does management explain the 20-year old Jenry Mejia and his spot on the team.

Mejia is in the bullpen because the Mets need him. Davis should be at first for the same reason.

I believe the only reason Davis isn’t on this team is because if Ike was at first, Murphy may not have a place to play when he returns.

Omar and Jerry love Murphy. If not that, they are concerned with their ego and hoping Murphy becomes the offensive threat they promised last spring.

Mike Jacobs is a feast or famine player. When it’s famine and he is hitting clean-up, the Mets offense cannot withstand his lack of production.

When a lefty is on the mound and Jacobs is on the bench, the team depends on Tatis to provide something from the corner. With a hole in center and a weak bat at second, the Mets are at a disadvantage and they cannot continue on this path.

Davis is more than a good story. He is a short-term solution that may become the long-term answer this team has searched for since Carlos Delgado broke down last year.


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