17 Apr

Two things I noticed from my long Saturday with the Mets.

1. I tend to expect them to find new, creative ways to lose each night.

2. I call Jerry, Willie way too often.

I give Manuel credit for managing his bullpen very well. However, why he took Cora out for Matthews is a terrible move. Cora is a better bat anyway. Manuel’s obsession with righty-lefty match-ups tends to be his blind spot as a coach.

It is difficult to analyze this game as the majority of the players had poor offensive ball games, but win number four was a big one. Trying not to reflect on what went wrong, and what went right, here is what you can think about when your head hits the pillow:

  • the bullpen was spectacular, giving up one run over 13 innings.
  • defense was good enough, with a great play by Cora and head’s up play all around.
  • Santana proved healthy and strong, pitching a shut out over seven.
  • Pelfrey proved himself for the second time in three days, asking in for the 20th.
  • I know Manuel drives us nuts, but LaRussa does some job making you scratch your heads. I know he wins everywhere he goes, but I can see why he never came to a town like New York where reporters would have a field day with questioning his moves.

The Mets had many chances to lose this game and drop to 3-8. Instead, they are 4-7, with a chance to improve to 5-7 with a win tomorrow night against their old friend, Adam Wainright.

One last thought: As the Cardinals rallied in the 19th, Tim McCarver called this possible loss as the worst loss for the Mets over the past few years, the old broadcaster completely missed the boat. He has no clue what this team has been through, and a loss in April has nothing to the season ending losses over 2007 and 2008, or the many games that fell apart in September’s past.

When you have the broadcast team of the Mets, these national broadcast games are a step down and a loss for the fans.

Time to do the dishes, put this marathon of a game in the books.


One Response to “MEMORABLE NIGHT”

  1. keithosaunders April 19, 2010 at 10:30 AM #

    That game may have been the highlight of the season. It was certainly memorable.

    In 1974 my wife, who grew up in Bayside Queens, babysat for Jerry Kooseman when the Mets played a 25 inning game (I believe their longest ever) versus those same Cardinals.

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