19 Apr

Twelve games in, the Mets only won four. Not the start Jerry and the gang hoped for.

When Frank Catalanotto is your clean-up hitter, can you really expect to beat one of the best starters in the game. This was the Mets reality Sunday night against old friend, Adam Wainwright.

The good news for this franchise is that the welcome mat is down for Ike Davis, the star of spring training who was left in Florida while inadequacy was drawn north.

After going 18 innings of scoreless baseball, sandwiched by too many outs with runners on base, the Mets needed a jolt to the offense and Davis is an answer.

Davis needs more time to develop and will bring with him his own sort of growing pains, but he is still better than the duo of Fernando Tatis and Mike Jacobs.

Davis brings an energy to the offense and someone for the fans to root for. He is a part of the team’s future and right now, a part of the solution.

I truly believe the Mets avoided this move for one reason. If Davis hits, the spot reserved for Daniel Murphy will be filled when he returns. However, with the Mets on a downward spiral and an anemic offense, Manuel knows that the above problem may not be his to solve because when Murphy returns, he may already be gone.


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