Line-Up Taking Shape

19 Apr

Last week, the Mets hit the road and found their pitching. Santana, Pelrey, Perez and Neise all pitched well, while Maine was the typical five-inning pitcher that this town has gotten used to.

However, the offense has looked very similar to the one from last year. Simply put, this offense has too many holes.

New York took the first step to fixing the sinking ship by calling up Ike Davis. This is not like bringing Mike Piazza to Shea in 1998, but all Davis did in spring and in the minors is was hit. He has a nice glove and is better than any other option.

Bay and Wright will hit eventually and Reyes will take form. Francoeur is off to a great start and you are getting from Castillo and Barajas what you expected all along.

This leaves center as the missing piece.

Manuel tried for the first two weeks to get Angel Pagan and Gary Matthews Jr. enough bats to get into a groove. Both struggled and showed no flair for the dramatic in the Mets 4-8 start.

As I write this, Pagan just hit a two-run bomb into the left field stands, so perhaps he can take control of this position.

There is no news on Beltran and when he will return. He still isn’t running which means he is still more than a month away.

If Pagan and Matthews  struggle, when do the Mets call on Fernando Martinez to get another chance in center. He plays good defense and provides speed to the line-up. While he looked overwhelmed last year, can he give you more than what Pagan and Matthews provide.

I like Pagan and see his potential. It is ideal to keep Martinez in the minors to prove he can stay healthy. However, the Mets are already in a hole and their manager is on thin ice. It will be great if Pagan can hit and stay in center. If he can’t, the Mets have to look to Martinez as they look to Davis on an April night in Flushing.


2 Responses to “Line-Up Taking Shape”

  1. Rob A from FBD April 19, 2010 at 9:06 PM #

    I’m not a big fan of Pagan, but so far he’s hitting .300 and if he keeps that up this lineup WILL eventually come around. Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo, the guys at the top of the order, have to start setting the table more often. My guess is that they will come around, but that is not guaranteed.

  2. keithosaunders April 19, 2010 at 11:21 PM #

    Oh my god. I actually came away form tonigh’s game with a feeling of optimism. Their starting pitching has been pretty good over the past week and if not for hideous managing by Manuel they easily could have taken the Cardinal series.

    This is not good…

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