20 Apr

How many of us would pay thousands for an opportunity to do what Ike Davis did last night. The 23- year old lived the dream, playing first base for the Mets; hitting 6th in the line-up.

While Davis looks like he has played in “the show” for sometime now, here is some advice for new face of the Mets.

1. It Can’t Get Worse: Hey Ike, even if you hit .200, you’re still an improvement over Tatis and Jacobs. If you hit, your going to stay with the team. You don’t need to be the savior, just hit .250 and drive in some runs.

2. Remember the Mick: You may be sent back to the minors. No worries, Mickey Mantle had to go back to the minors and look how that worked our for him and a generation of New York baseball fans.

3. The Wright Way: Mets fans love their home-grown stars. Especially with the Mets lack of history of prospects becoming stars, you can be a hero in this town.  Look across the diamond, and walk in the steps of David Wright. His love for the game, work ethic and connection to the fans makes him the face of the franchise. Play hard and say the right things, and it can be the same for you. Just look out for camera phones when you hit the bars.

4. Hustle: The Mets have seen their fair share of young players who assumed too much. Keep your head down and run out everything. We are watching.

5. Immortality: Names like Jones, Seaver, Gentry, Keith, Mookie and Darryl are in Mets immortality because they brought this franchise a title. You will be a part of this team for ten years if you hit and stay healthy. Do your part to get the Mets a ring and to get your face in bronze for at least the Wall of Fame in Queens, and if we can dream, the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

6. Have Fun: Your living the dream for millions. Fans younger and older will wear your jersey and cheer your name. Play hard, enjoy this experience and make the most of this opportunity. You have a whole city behind you.


One Response to “ADVICE FOR IKE”

  1. keithosaunders April 20, 2010 at 9:38 AM #

    The season now has some juice!

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