25 Apr

Take a look at this photograph from the NY Post today.

Where was this photo taken? Citi Field or Wrigley Field?

While I love the new Mets jerseys, you have to take a double take to see if Bay is a member of the Cubs.

More significantly, the stadium looks like Wrigley Field.

I am a fan of Citi Field, and even the brick walls behind the plate (As long as ivy isn’t growing on it).

But I, along with so many other fans, miss the orange seats. The orange seats reflect the Mets colors that few teams share.

I am also a fan or blue outfield walls. This has been brought up by other blogs like and

As for this photo, it is a clear reminder that Citi Field was built without a unique feature of it’s own. While they considered other stadiums and that is a nice idea, they left the orange seats at Shea.

Change these seats to orange and there is no mistaking this stadium for anything else. As ownership has learned from year one, they still need to consider buying a few cases of orange paint to make this park our own.


2 Responses to “CITI OR WRIGLEY”

  1. keithosaunders April 25, 2010 at 11:01 AM #

    I hadn’t seen these uniforms yet but you’re right…from that angle they look a lot like the Cubs uniforms. I agreed with the rest of your post — there is not a lot that is unique about Citi Field, starting with its corporate name. How about the quirky, angular right field? Would you count that?

    It is obvious that the Mets, like most modern day baseball teams, are run like a corporation. Market testing abounds and there is little weight put on history and legacy. Almost all of the post-Camden ballparks use forest green seats and backdrops. I agree that the orange seats would have allowed for some continuity from Shea, but I’m sure that the suit’s research showed that the color was too garish.

    How ironic that we now pine for the individualism of Shea Stadium– a ballpsrk that was conceived in the cookie cutter era of emulating tires turned on their sides.

  2. Dan Mace April 29, 2010 at 11:27 AM #

    Yes those orange seats did show our colors but they were sooooo ugly. How many stadius have seats with the team colors in mind. Also with the orange would come the red, blue and green. Now that is a seizure waiting to happen.

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