26 Apr

Two for the price of one.

With Monday’s rain out, Citi Field will host the first doubleheader of the season for the New York Mets.

At least 18 innings is coming your way unless a black cloud drops a small lake on the city as it has over the past 24 hours.

On Tuesday, you can catch the Mets and Dodgers starting at 4pm.  The Mets will throw Johan Santana in game one, followed by Oliver Perez in game two.

It is pretty clear that the Mets better win the first one because if they don’t, the recent good energy that this team has earned will go down the drains of Citi Field quicker than you can say “Wait Til Next Year.”

I love doubleheaders. With at least six hours of baseball, it’s a great way to spend your post-work or post-school day. If your sitting in the stands or on your couch in the comfort of your own home, doubleheaders are rare in these days of dollars and cents, so enjoy each and every inning.

One thing to watch is how Manuel manages his line-ups. Given the Mets only played 5 innings since Saturday afternoon, the players are well rested and there is no excuse why the core cannot play both games.

Wake up on Tuesday morning, and despite whatever your morning or early afternoon brings, from a pop quiz to your bosses rants, find comfort in 18 innings of Mets baseball that is coming your way.


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