27 Apr

Oliver Perez, with a three-run lead, couldn’t escape the third inning.  

Once again, this dysfunctional lefty failed on a night when his team has been winning and playing at a level that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Perez, with his large contract, continues to be an immoveable piece in the rotation. It doesn’t help that the team lacks any starting pitching depth. Even if Perez was sent to Buffalo, who would take his place?

Nieve? Who will pitch every day out of the pen?

Takahashi? MVP of this team so far, who will fill his role of saving the starters. He is the 2010 version of Darren Oliver of 2006.

Figueroa? Oh that’s right, the Mets lost him to waivers.

Misch? Maybe.

Pat Misch gave up two runs through all of spring training, and just pitched a seven shutout innings earlier this week with Buffalo.  While Misch may not have the potential of Perez, he is a reliable arm for a team that needs a starter who can be dependable.

The Mets need to treat Perez as the Angels treated Gary Matthews Jr. Send him packing, pay the salary and give more of the kids a chance.


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