1 May

Anyone who knows me know that I love iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

While I could use this money for a nest egg or to save for many more important things, the iced coffee is a bit of an investment in my happiness after a long day of work or one of those few, cranky morning.

My local Dunkin Donuts has changed everything by serving their iced coffee in plastic cups with the Yankees logo.

Why  Dunkin, Why?

They are the sponsors of the Mets and Yankees, and they should offer a choice. It is unfair to subject the Mets fans, especially those in Queens, to drink their delicious iced coffee out of a distasteful cup. It’s just offensive.

So, until the cups are sent into the past along with walkmen radios, vcrs, and type writers, I will be saying no to Dunkin, making my own iced coffee and drinking it out of one of my beloved Mets cups.


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