8 UP, 3 DOWN

3 May

The New York Mets woke up Saturday morning riding high, finishing April with an 8-game winning streak and a place all by themselves on top of the NL East.

With Saturday, April turned into May, and the Mets haven’t won since.

After two blow outs on Saturday and Sunday, New York visited the Reds and saw their offensive woes continue on Monday. Scoring only two runs in another hitter-friendly park, New York looks more like the team of mid-April and before the great home stands.

Reyes, despite two hits tonight, looks like a different player when he is away from Queens. Jason Bay, who went to Philly swinging a good bad, looks clueless and is a big hole in the already weak line-up.

With Beltran still a month away, the Mets need Reyes and Bay to produce. If not, all the good that this winning streak brought to this team will soon disappear and the Mets will find themselves back under .500.

Yes, this team can make you question why you watch them day in and day out. Let’s just hope Tuesday’s game isn’t another lost night in an already, long frustrating season.


One Response to “8 UP, 3 DOWN”

  1. keithosaunders May 3, 2010 at 11:59 PM #

    Didn’t Reyes used to steal bases? He was on first with one out in the top 11th and the announcers were saying that he would almost definately be going. The pitcher had a lumbering windup which would give an advantage to a base stealer.

    So is he still not confident in his body holding up or is he just gunshy? Either way this does not bode well for hte Mets, as Reyes is almost certianly going to lead off once Beltran returns.

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