3 May

It could be worse. Really it can.

Last night could’ve been Sunday, September 26th when the Mets play another series finale in Philadelphia.

The Mets could’ve been knocked 10 games back with the loss if the Mets last homestand was different,  instead of just 1/2 a game.

In fact, if the Mets would’ve won yesterday, we would be brought back to earth knowing there is a whole season to play.

The same is with this loss.

It is critical that they respond well against the Reds. Taking 2 would make it a .500 road trip and the Mets will return back to Citi Field to enjoy some home cooking.

Life goes on and so does the season. Sunday could’ve been different and the Mets could be singing a different tune.

Either way, champagne is still a long way from being popped and the Mets can find redemption starting tonight.

So, if you still have to pick up the hair that you pulled out or clean up the glass that you threw across the room, find comfort in that your competition tonight is not the Phillies.

Then grab your rolaids because Oliver Perez is on the mound.


One Response to “LIFE GOES ON”

  1. keithosaunders May 3, 2010 at 6:15 PM #

    Is anyone else concerned that Both Santana and Maine have lost 3-4 miles off of their fastballs? Major league hitters can hit the 89mph pitch.

    [insert Jamie Moyer comment here————–>_____________________]

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