4 May

Rod Barajas hit a game winning home run Tuesday night to give the Mets the go ahead run after giving up the lead the inning before.

What Mets fan didn’t see the fourth loss in a row when the Reds came back in the 8th?

Barajas didn’t, and thanks to his bat, he saved the day, once again.

While he may not hit for a high average, he has a knack for the big hit. It has been a while since the Mets had a player like this.

It always feels as if other teams have these type of players. Heck, the Marlins and Phillies are filled with them.

On a night when the Mets could’ve suffered another loss, they now have a chance to win the series and have a .500 road trip in Wednesday’s matinee.

Playing on the road is about surviving and the Mets did this Tuesday night.

They didn’t win games like this in 2009, but 2010 is a new season and Rod Barajas is thankfully not Brian Schneider.


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