6 May

They are the hottest tickets in town.

Mets and Yankees, three games in Queens later this month followed by three games in the Bronx in June.

These series are always fun and unique, providing a buzz in the crowd and a field day for the local media.

Each manager will have every unsuccessful move scrutinized while both Manuel and Girardi will call this series just another series.

The Mets did an interesting job this year in selling their Yankees tickets. They used six packs, 15 game packs and premium packs to lure fans in to buying tickets to additional games.

Since the ticket sales have been disappointing, the Mets offered pre-sale options for fans who have ticket plans, followed by subscribers to the Flushing Flash. Today, tickets went on sale to the general public.

I was able to get cheaper seat in the promenade level on Tuesday during the Flushing Flash pre-sale. I was limited to six tickets, so I was able to get two games out of the weekend.

I checked today when the general tickets went on sale and the cheapest I could find was $98 each in the excelsior level in right field. While this isn’t crippling, it is still a lot of money for a game in May.

On Stubhub, the tickets are extremely high as they tend to be for this series. About a week before it gets lower but quickly spikes up come a few days before.

The Mets, although using these games as a tool to sell more tickets, did the right thing by giving their ticket holders and fans priority.

If you can’t get tickets that fit within your budget, remember that games at home or at the local bar are still a great alternative. Mix the fans together and you can participate in the craziness of this unique time in the baseball season.



  1. woodynyou May 6, 2010 at 11:21 PM #

    All that hype for a game that is little more important than an exhibition game and amounts to 1/2 game in the standings either way. The ultimate effect is to lessen the novelty of a real subway World Series.

    Can you imagine how great the 2000 Series would have been had these crosstown rivals been meeting for the first time? By 200 they had already played a dozen or so regular season games.

    What is our reward for these 6 contrived contests? Royals/Brewers, Indians/Diamondbacks, and Orioles/Nationals. Actually, that last one makes sense, but you get the picture.

    The only silver lining is that this year interleague starts a little early allowing us to focus on the NBA and NHL playoffs. Personally I would rather see more Mets games against the Cardinals and Dodgers rather than haev to suffer through interleague play.

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