10 May

The Mets have played 31 games, winning 17 of them, good enough to keep New York within 2 games of the first place Phillies.

As the Mets journey through the month of May, this team is showing a great deal of fight at home. Using the ball park to their advantage, the Mets are one of the best home teams in the game.

New York’s two biggest problems are Oliver Perez and their lack of the big hit.

First Perez. He is a mess. His lack of control on the mound is a tired act that just wastes our time. He does not go deep into games, hurting the bullpen for the rest of the rotation.

Yesterday, we heard excuses about the cold weather. What will be his excuse next week when he’s pitching in Florida?

There has to be an expiration date for the left-hander, and it has to be soon.

Second, the Mets have scraped out runs this season, showing a flair for the dramatic at times.

However, they leave too many runners on base, and as a result, letting games be closer than they should be.

While Rod Barajas has been the best offensive catcher this team has seen since the days of Mike Piazza, he had a chance in the 7th inning on Sunday to break the game open. Like his teammates, he left the runners and the potential winning runs on base.

If you look back at the Mets 14-losses this season, New York could have won many of them. Even in their loss to Roy Halladay, they could have scored early. Even the loss with Santana on the mound, New York had Jamie Moyer on the mound and they were one “big-hit” from sending the old-timer to the showers.

This team, since 2006, has lacked the ability to smell blood.

While this crew is winning games that they would’ve lost last season, (such as Friday and Saturday), they are  still playing games that they could’ve broke open. This adds an unnecessary stress on the pen and puts the team at risk of losing games, as they did on Sunday.

This current state of the Mets has a lot to do with the offense. They miss Carlos Beltran and those RBIs.

His presence would also help Wright and Bay in the line-up. Reyes could move back to leadoff and the offense would be more productive.

They are getting production from first and catcher which has kept them above water. With the big bats streaking, and often struggling, the second tier bats are producing more runs than expected.

The Mets start a streak of 11-straight games in their division on Monday, playing three at home against the Nationals and eight on the road against the Marlins, Braves and  Nationals.

Following this stretch, the Mets play six games against the Yankees and Phillies at home.

If all goes well, Beltran may return by the end of this stretch. He will test his knee this week and the team will have more direction about his status.

Until then, the big bats of Wright and Bay need to produce.

It has been a fun team to watch and there is a great deal of hope watching these guys play. It has been a long time since this team showed chemistry and that they could win close games.

The rest of May proves to be a big test for the Mets and where they are going to be when summer comes around.


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