12 May


Jim, While the Mets are over .500, isn’t it time for Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya to go? Do you think they make the summer?  -John, Staten Island

John, thanks for the question. Manuel saved his job with the big winning streak to end April. He’s safe as long as the Mets are around .500.

I do wonder what will happen if this road trip doesn’t go well and if the Mets get beat up by the Yankees and Phillies. If this happens, there is no guarantee that Manuel or Minaya will see the All Star Break.


I can’t stand Gary Matthews Jr. He is an automatic out. I know we aren’t paying him much, but can he really stay with the club much longer? -Gina, Bronx.

Frank Catalanotto didn’t hit and he was cut. It is just a matter of time for Matthews Jr. to face the same fate.

Matthews will see more at bats, especially if Francoeur continues to struggle. He plays a strong outfield which is easy for us to take for granted. Yet, the offense needs production from Matthews when he is getting four at bats in a game.

Off the bench, you expect him to strike out. Unless he starts to hit, I would expect the Mets to look to the minors to fill the void.

The other piece is the return of Carlos Beltran. If there are any more set backs, the Mets will start to shop around.


If you could change one thing about Citi Field, what would you change? -Nick, Queens

In the short history of CITI2SHEA.COM, I have spent a good amount of time addressing the appearance of the Mets new home.

I wish the park resembled Shea more, or at the very least, pay tribute to the old home.

So, to answer your question, I would change the outfield walls from black to blue. This will help the park look as if it belonged to the Mets.

I know you only asked for one, but to throw one more it….I wish the stadium had orange seats instead of the green that ownership chose.

Thanks to all who sent their questions in. I will answer the mailbag once a week.

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