14 May

Why is it that it feels like the Mets lose too many games like the one Thursday night.

With another loss in the opposition’s last at bat, the Mets are playing Russian Roulette on the road way to often. In fact, the Mets have lost their last three road games to teams in their last at bat.

Throw in Wednesday’s loss at home to the Nationals, and a strange and unacceptable pattern is developing.

The bullpen is easy to blame because they are serving up the defeating runs, but it is the offense which is the real culprit.

The inability to take advantage of men in scoring position is becoming a familiar story-line.

Throw in the lifeless bats in the middle of the line-up and you find a team that is depending on Oliver Perez to right this sinking ship.

Manuel restructured the line-up three weeks ago and it paid immediate dividends. The long term result is much less positive as Jose Reyes needs to move back to leadoff.

This causes the Mets to depend on Pagan to hit third while keeping the rest of the line-up deep enough to gain some respect. Pagan is not going to produce as a third hitter should, but he is solid enough to serve as a short-term solution.

More importantly, this allows Reyes to find comfort hitting leadoff. If he gets going, so does the offense.

Righting the ship begins with righting Reyes.

It’s Manuel’s job to rework this offense. The longer he pencils in Reyes batting third, the longer this ship takes on water and eventually sinks.


One Response to “ROAD BLOCK”

  1. keithosaunders May 14, 2010 at 1:07 PM #

    I agree. He must move Reyes to the 2 or the one slot. He also can’t pitch Nieves every night unless he doesn’t wawnt to use him past June.

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