17 May

Oliver Perez refused to go to the minor leagues, landing his sorry left arm in the bullpen.

After another poor start against the Marlins last weekend, Perez turned down the opportunity to go to the minors to work on his delivery, mechanics, mentality, or whatever else is keeping him from pitching well.

We have seen pitchers who went to the minors to work on their craft, only to return and find success.

Remember Brett Myers of the Phillies. In 2008, after a 3-6 start through May, he agreed to go to the minors. He returned and posted a 7-2 record in the second half leading into September. He also won his first postseason start that year, going seven innings against the Brewers.

The fact that Perez is letting his ego stand in his way from contributing to this team is an absolute joke and slap in the face to his teammates and the fans of the New York Mets.

Perez now sits in the bullpen.

He cannot be used in a close game since he can’t throw strikes. He is a mop, used to absorb innings in a lost game. Not bad for $12 million.

If the Mets cut him, they pay most of his salary. Even if a team picks him up, the Mets are stuck with the bill for this year and next.

There is always the risk that a team in the division or league takes a chance on Perez and he lives up to his potential. He is still a young lefty who throws hard and is under the age of 30.

This is a chance the Mets have to take.

He is everything that is wrong with this team over the past few years. Perez’ refusal to go to the minors is an absolute joke and it is time to show him the door.

His tired act of endless ball 4s and tantrums in the dugout is over.

The day he stopped caring about the team is the day this teams stops giving him the ball.


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