17 May

It gets late early around here.

In this town, with this fan base, each game feels as if it was game seven.

Every pitch is important and every move is questioned.

This is the foundation that New York baseball stands on. This is why the NY Post was calling for Jerry Manuel’s head and Mike Francesa poured salt in the wound to stir the emotions of a city on a Monday in spring.

With ticket sales plummeting in Flushing, the Mets losing streak came at the absolute worst time.

With a big home stand against the Yankees and Phillies around the corner, these are the games the Mets depend on to fill up the stadium and swell the owner’s wallets.

Losing streaks like this weekend send the same message that 2009 Mets sent for six months last year. As this team was beat up by the Marlins, fans question why they should spend their precious dollars to hear Yankees and Phillies fans pump their chest in their back yard?

With all of this, ownership and management met in Atlanta on Monday. While this sent a message to the players, it officialy kicked off the “Fire Jerry” count down. The question turned from “if” to “when” and the Mets are one more losing streak from showing the skipper the door.

New York responded well Monday night to beat the Braves in Atlanta. Behind strong pitching from Mike Pelfrey, you are reminded that it is still only May.

If this team can find some consistency from the pitching rotation, the Mets can salvage this road trip. Some road victories this week can give this battered fan base a reason to show up this weekend.

All along, I have said that we should check-in with this team after the Phillies series next week. It could be the end of Jerry’s run or if things go well, a reason to care this summer.

And this is what Mets fans expect. A season that isn’t over by Memorial Day. A season that brings you to at least Fall.

While we hope for October baseball every summer, we recognize that this is not our reality.

This is not the Yankees. This is the Mets.

Call it low expectations if you like, but it is where we are in May of 2010 and where we have been so many summers past.

All fans can do is hope that this team can make it a season worth watching, a season worth believing in.

All fans hope for a parade at season’s end. The way this franchise is going, Mets fans hope to at least have an August night in Flushing of scoreboard watching.


One Response to “IT’S MAY”

  1. keithosaunders May 18, 2010 at 1:08 AM #

    Francesa, though he feigns impartiality, is a Met-hater who takes unabashed joy in their fan’s misery. These past three months, in which my car radio has been broken, have been among the happiest of my life.

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