20 May

The Mets are honoring members of the 2000 NL Champs this Friday night. With the stadium filled with at least 20,000 Yankees fans, the Mets honor their last team to win a pennant.

They celebrate this really enjoyable team in a very strange way.

Why do this on a weekend when the stadium is packed? Why not do this when the Marlins or Padres are in town to fill the joint?

This group was a loveable bunch and fans would come out to see these old stars.

Metsblog is reporting that many of the players will be on the Mets pre-game show, including Mike Hampton.

Really? Mike Hampton?

Are we going to honor Roger Clemens or Mayor Giuliani too?


The Mets have a strange way of celebrating things. They closed Shea in what felt like a funeral as the Mets lost out on a playoff spot in their final game. The ceremony was sad and the field felt like a cemetary. I should’ve worn black.

Now, the Mets celebrate this memorable season with the franchise that beat them in the opposing dugout and their fans throughout Citi Field.

This should have waited for another weekend. God knows they need reasons to bring the fans to the game.

Instead, it is another weird night in Queens.


One Response to “2000 METS HONORED FRIDAY: WHY NOW?”

  1. keithosaunders May 20, 2010 at 1:44 PM #

    Oh God, this is a nightmare from which I can’t wake up…

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