20 May

The clock is about to run out on Jerry Manuel.

If the Mets lose tonight to the Nationals and then lose two out of three to the Yankees and Phillies, the Mets will be 6 games under .500. They will also have a new manager.

I can’t imagine Manuel will have a chance to see the month of June. Even if they can split the six games against the Yanks and Phillies, Manuel is at serious risk of losing his job if they can’t take two from the Brewers in Milwaukee.

With Bob Melvin and Wally Backman in the Mets system, fans can hope that they can replicate the Rockies of last year who turned their season around following a managerial change.

The last time Manuel stared his baseball death in the face was before the team went on their amazing home stand that launched the club in first place at the end of April. A win tonight and 5 out of 6 at home against their biggest rivals will save his job for another month.

If this doesn’t happen, and who really expects this to be the case given the way they’ve played, the Mets will have a new skipper to lead this team through the rest of what may already be a lost season.



  1. keithosaunders May 20, 2010 at 1:30 PM #

    There’s no way they’ll go on that kind of streak now. They were fortunate enough to play the Dodgers and Braves at exactly the right time, as well as an under-performing Cubs team.

    The sooner Jerry goes, the less wear and tear on Nieves’ and Feliciano’s arms.

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