22 May

In my last post, I went off on the Mets and their lack of compassion and concern for an injured member of my family who is going to the game Sunday night (see post below..Give Us Our Team Back).

What frustrates me most is that they were giving free tickets away to former season ticket holders for this series and that handicap tickets were available.

As the day turned into night and the Mets beat the Yankees in game two of the Subway Series, I still find myself infuriated about the Mets and how they handled my situation.

In talking to readers today, they all agreed with how  disconnected this game is from the common fan. While I knew this before, and have written about it in different print columns, it was different this time.

I also plan on visiting section 326 tomorrow to see if these seats were used or not.

I will continue to explore this further. Please let me know when situations like this happen to you. Together we will bring this game back to the people, the fans who sit closer to the angels in heaven than to the Angel in centerfield.


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