23 May

What a great night at Citi Field.  

While it was sketchy at the end, the Mets pulled out the win, taking the series and most important, gain ground on the first place Phillies. I am not sure if I have any nails left and my blood pressure is quite high, but it was worth every extra heart beat.

This game was not a normal night at the park for me. As I wrote about in my earlier posts, the Mets stepped up and made a wrong right by giving me the handicapped seats that I needed. (See the earlier posts for the full story).

I was happy to find out that the Mets also helped another fan tonight. Sitting next to me was a young man who was in the handicapped area up in the 400 section. The higher section was difficult for his health and after his mom spoke to a supervisor, he was moved to a closer section 105 where he was more comfortable.

Great job by the Mets accommodating their fans and making things right.

There was some minor challenges with chairs in our section. My fiance was more productive than the supervisors in getting a needed chair, but by the 7th inning, all was right in section 105. A special thanks to the health services office for the borrowed chair.

I find that this team tries to get things right but there are still hiccups. But at the end of the day, they come through and like the Mets Sunday night, it may not always come easy, but this one was a happy recap.

The Mets did a nice job all around today and I am thankful to the organization for their help. I am also thankful to Bay and Santana as well as K-Rod for taking care of business and keeping this team relevant for at least one more week.


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