24 May

Roy Oswalt wants out of Houston.

The Mets need the number two starter that this franchise’s fan base desperately yearned for this offseason. Just look over at the success the Yankees had last year with their pitching and you begin to realize that the Mets need to make this trade happen.

Put Santana and Oswalt together and the Phillies will wonder what could’ve been with Halladay and Lee.

Put Santana, Oswalt and Pelfrey together and the Mets can begin to seriously consider October baseball and then throw in a healthy Carlos Beltran and the Mets may be a team worth watching this summer.

Oswalt is owed $15 million next year and then $16 million in 2012 but the last year comes with a club option. It is a high price to pay but it is pitching that wins, especially in this ballpark.

The other catch is the cost of talent. New York finally has a minor league worth system watching. Oswalt will cost top prospects, probably including Jenry Mejia, Josh Thole and/or Jon Neise to name a few.

Of course the Mets can stay away from Oswalt and then sign Cliff Lee this off-season, thus keeping their top prospects. This also means that the Mets will be playing for 2011.

Given the fact that Omar Minaya is one losing streak from walking the plank, I expect him to be in talks to make this happen. The only question is if ownership will approve the increase to budget, especially with ticket sales so low.

If Oswalt is the Mets number two and Beltran is back in center this summer, those empty seats will be filled and the Mets may jump from a last place team to the favorites to win the pennant given the mediocrity of the National League.


One Response to “OMAR, MAKE THE DEAL”

  1. keithosaunders May 24, 2010 at 8:29 PM #

    My only concern is that this is Oswald past his prime. Hasn’t he been injured the past few years? Is this going to be another in a seemingly endless string of Met pitchers that have lost 5 mph of their fastball?

    Other than that, SIGN HIM.

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