24 May

Being a Mets fan is not easy.

Even with the series win last night, the Mets bullpen made us sweat through the later innings, taking away some of the joy from the night.

However, they won and Jerry Manuel has a pulse entering this week’s series with the rival Phillies.

As I sat in Citi Field this weekend, the chants of “DEREK JETER” and “LETS GO YANKEES” made my skin crawl, but is it worse than the Phillies fans who will visit the Mets home this week?

Victorino and Utley jerseys will taint the crowd  as the fans from Philadelphia will surely make themselves known.

Throw in the dominance of Chase Utley and Cole Hamels pitching the finale (no, we didn’t forget the choking remark), and you have a rivalry that may be bigger than the one with the Yankees.

Sure Mets fans have to hear the Yankees in their local deli’s and water coolers every day of the year. But the Phillies sit in the Mets division and they have directly crushed the Mets playoff hopes over the past few years.

As exciting as this past weekend was, the games this week against the Phillies mean more. The Mets are trailing behind Philadelphia in their division and they need to keep their rivals close.

It is the Phillies, not the Yankees, who will stand in the Mets way and whose success directly impacts what October is like in this town.

While the tickets for the weekend were hard to come by, there are still about 10,000 tickets available for each game.

Mets fans should come out to cheer on their team this week for two reasons: If they don’t, the Phillies fans will and second, who knows if there will be any other Mets-Phillies games worth watching this season.


One Response to “WHO DO YOU HATE MORE?”

  1. keithosaunders May 24, 2010 at 12:20 PM #

    It’s not even close. The Phillies have only been good for a few years. THe Yankee reign of terror is nearing its 3rd decade and shows no signs of letting up. You know in a few years the Phillies will resort to being doormats. I hated Atlanta much more than I hate Phillie.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Phillies are a chippy team, I wish them and their perpetually bitter fans nothing but misery, but until they beat the Yankees in a Series they will remain a cut below in my eyes.

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