26 May

The Mets are the oldest team never to throw a no-hitter. They are only one of three teams to never pitch a no-no.

It has been 24 years since the Mets strolled down the streets of Manhattan as champions. It is their longest championship-less drought in franchise history.

This being said, what should Mets fans expect to happen first. Their third World Championship or a no-hitter?

Certainly no-hitters involve luck as much as skill but so does winning a title. Given the playoff format, the journey to the Fall Classic is impacted by the opponent, the length of the series and who gets hot and who stays hot.

Given the Mets struggles to even qualify for October, a no-hitter seems more likely to happen first. Yet in their

We can look at the starters who pitch in the rotation and we can point to Santana and Pelfrey as they are the best throwers on the team. However, we often see starters who pitch no-hitters who aren’t the best in the game. In fact, the no-hitter turns out to be the greatest accomplishment of their mediocre career.

Could John Maine return later this summer to make history? What about R.A. Dickey? There’s always Oliver Perez!

As for a run at the title, the Mets are still a pitcher short.

If Omar can pull the trigger and ownership opens their wallet, the addition of Roy Oswalt would make the Mets instant contenders for not only the division but the pennant given the make-up of the National League.

So what do you think…


2 Responses to “NO-NO or CHAMPS”

  1. keithosaunders May 26, 2010 at 1:15 PM #

    I would rather have the Series ring, but let me ask you a hypothetical question:

    Santana is pitchin ga no-no, but has walked 5, hit 2 batters, and has been 3-2 on multiple hitters resulting in an 8 inning pitch count of 140.

    Do they leave him in? The score is 1-0.

    • jim walters May 26, 2010 at 6:34 PM #

      Next week I will post this as a poll. As long as Manuel is here, no way Santana gets to 140, but should make a good question.
      Thanks for your support and feedback.

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