26 May

If the Mets win tonight against the Phillies, they will have a four game winning streak, five wins out of their last six, and be within three games of the first place Phils.

This all makes tomorrow night’s game that more interesting and critical.

So, if the Mets are going for the sweep with Big Pelf on the mound, will you go to Citi Field?

Will you spend the $20 for a chance to see the brooms come out to sweep the Phillies away and get within two games of Philadelphia.

If the Mets lose tonight, tomorrow’s game is still critical, but there is something special about a sweep of the defending NL Champs.

Much has been made on the radio about the crowd at Citi Field this spring. Given the crowd’s lack of enthusiasm last night, this topic  will surely continue today.

If the fans do not come out tomorrow with a sweep on the line, wouldn’t this confirm all of the grumblings.

Shouldn’t the fans come out tomorrow. If not tomorrow, when?

Thursday night could be the biggest game of the season thus far? Why not go out there and see the Mets plant their flag in the divisional race.

They still have to win tonight. If they do, will you be there with a broom in hand?

As for me, I am waiting to see how tonight goes.

The broom is out of the pantry just in case.



  1. keithosaunders May 26, 2010 at 10:58 AM #

    First of all, that’s a terrible job out of you jinxing tonight’s Mets game! They’ve got to win tonight before we can consider a sweep.

    Secondly, where are the $20.00 Mets tiokets?!!! With the Mets tier pricing I would think that us fans would have to pay top dollar to see the reigning NL chumps, I mean, uh, champs. I generally have to wait until Pittsburgh comes in before I can afford a ticket

    And lastly, they have yet to win a rubber game this season. Let’s hope they don’t have to tomorrow.

  2. nick May 26, 2010 at 11:57 AM #

    humans can not jinx ball games. i dont believe in that. i still tell cubs fans to this day that they are not cursed, its all in their heads. if the boys wanna sweep the phil’s then they will. they know what to do and if they want it that bad,( which i’m sure they do), they’ll take it.

  3. keithosaunders May 27, 2010 at 9:30 AM #

    You are the man, Citi2Shea! I’m sorry I ever doubted you! What a win, last night — I was watching it at a Village bar with some other Met fans. None of us could believe what was happening. Before our eyes the Mets starting pitching had become respectable and all of a sudden there is reason for optimism.

    My broom is out and I’m greedy. Let’s go!

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