28 May

As I walked to my apartment Thursday night,after witnessing the Mets fifth straight win, I swear that I heard the birds chirping “sweep sweep.”

Even the creatures of the sky recognized how special this day is for this team, for the franchise, and most importantly, for this fan base.

If a sweep wasn’t sweet enough to help Mets fans sleep well, the fact that the Mets shut out the defending NL Champs for all 27 innings of the series is the cherry on top of this Home Run Apple pie.

Not since 1969 have the Mets pitched three consecutive shutouts. Whenever the Mets do something that happened in that magical year is a good sign and something to find hope in on a spring night in May.

This win on Thursday was a gift from the Mets to their fans.

They gave the Citi-faithful a chance to pump their chest for the first time in a long time.

To all the Phillies fans who came to Queens tonight, most especially the low-life who felt the need to remind me of their recent title, how you doin’?

Hope the parkway south is bumper to bumper and your radio is stuck on WFAN where Mets fans are starting to plan a parade.

In a season that was lost just one week ago, the Mets are only two games out of first after winning six out of their last seven.

Five of the wins come against the Yankees and Phillies.

This is the Mets way of giving their fans who have been kicked to the curb for the past few years a chance to dust themselves off and once again believe that this group of 25 can make this year a special one.

As Francisco Rodriguez closed the door on the series, with each pitch the crowd grew louder.

It felt for a half an inning, late on a chilly May night, all of a sudden like October.

Thursday night was for the fans, a gift  to keep this defeated fan base believing that 2010 can be one of those special summers in Queens.


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