28 May

As I sat in Citi Field last night and Mike Pelfrey was perfect through the first inning, my friend, who’s one major flaw is rooting for the Yankees, decided to say that Big Pelf was perfect.

He broke the unwritten rule among fans to never, I mean NEVER, recognize the no-hitter or perfect game. Those words are just not said.

If someone does, they are a jinx. It becomes their fault that the special accomplishment didn’t happen.

Or is it?

Broadcasters, especially those fools on the Yankees radio network, have been extremely animate about this in the past. Most play-by-play men will not shy away from recognizing the perfect game or no-no, despite the endless criticism that will await them.

The notion of a jinx is a part of the game. Just this past week, I was called a jinx for wondering if the Mets can sweep the series with Philadelphia after the first win.

I don’t mind, I actually like believing that my words or actions can have some impact on the game.

God knows that I will never have the skills to have a great impact between the white lines on the field in Flushing (or any softball field in the metropolitan area).

It became a topic of discussion among readers on this site, and it is always a conversation when no-no’s are developing.

Yet this goes beyond no-no’s.

Countless fans  wear lucky hats,  shirts and underwear.

I had an uncle who once refused to wash his socks during a Mets winning streak (we called him Uncle Stinky).

We also know fans will not use the rest room or leave their seat if they believed that they had to stay dormant to keep the team going right.

What I love about the notion of jinx is how it gives the fans a role in the game. The fans are more than spectators, they can somehow connect with the baseball gods to influence this game of inches.

The notion of baseball gods connects to this. Remember the Curse of the Bambino and how it finally ended?

So, do we, the fans, have a way of influencing the game?

No one can say for sure, but I like to believe that we can.

Although we will never know until we take that journey to the big diamond in the sky, I for one will be playing it safe and keeping my hat on and my mouth shut when a Mets pitcher is recording consecutive outs.


2 Responses to “JINX?”

  1. carmelo May 28, 2010 at 3:01 PM #

    what kind of jerk would do that?

  2. keithosaunders May 28, 2010 at 11:12 PM #

    My Aunt used to sit with her thumbs pointed up during Mets at bats, a family tradition that dated back to the days of the Brooklyn Dodgers. When the opposing team was at bat she would sit with thumbs down.

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