28 May

In a heavyweight fight, the boxer knows if he sees a weakness, such as cut or injury  to attack it, and attack it and attack it some more.

The Phillies showed their weakness last night, and GM Omar Minaya needs to go in attack mode.

Not in the form of running on a catcher or throwing inside to a hitter hovering over the plate, but in improving this roster so the Mets can make a run at a playoff spot.

Given the weakness of the NL East and the whole league, the Mets are as alive in this as anyone else.

Minaya needs to bring in another arm, someone to fill the number three hole behind Santana and Pelfrey.

While they should go after Oswalt and Lee, Minaya should check under every rock and consider every possible move.

The truth is that the Phillies are much better than the team we saw yesterday. This roster is a second half team that triumphantly marches successfully through September every year.

The Braves, Marlins and Nationals are all capable of winning 81-85 games. The Phillies can probably win 90 given their history.

But, the Mets need to bring in another arm plus hope that the return of Beltran happens by July. These two additions can be the shot in the arm that lifts New York to their first playoff appearance since 2006.


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