29 May

As reported earlier this month, Dunkin Donuts chose to redesign their ice coffee cups with the Yankees “NY” logo.

They also asked their employees to wear Yankees hats which has to break some food code.

Their “box of Joe” became a “box of Joe Girardi.”

I live around the corner from the Dunkin Donuts on Union Tpke. by St. John’s University in Queens. They continue to plaster their store, cups and workers in pinstripe pride.

I posted before that I would protest DD and not drink their ice coffee since it had the Yankees design on the cup. Since their hot coffee remained as normal, I did go there a couple of times. However, I have abstained from the ice coffee.

A month has passed and this ridiculous advertising campaign continues. DD sponsors both the Yankees and the Mets.

Fans should have at least a choice.

They do not recognize the allegiance  in this town and if this continues, may go out of business.

I am emailing the corporate offices of DD to save their stores in Queens.

Why do this? Why care?

Because the Mets are on the road and who wants to read about their  losing ways.

A war against Yankees cups in DD is far more interesting and just some good old fun on a holiday weekend.


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