1 Jun

What if the Mets never traded for Oliver Perez.

Well for that not to happen, rewind the tape back to the summer of 2006 when the Mets were cruising along in first place with a bullpen that featured you guess it, Duaner Sanchez.

Sanchez, who is no longer a Major Leaguer by the way, was one of the best relievers in the game as the Mets 8th-inning man.

Then came the morning of July 30th when Sanchez went for a late night snack or a booty call, whatever, and was involved in a car accident that separated his shoulder.

The Mets needed a replacement and traded Xavier Nady for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez.

Minaya still was foolish enough to pay him like an ace in the winter of 2009, thus setting up this next chapter of the Ollie Saga.

But, it was his foot in the door that started in 2006 that set all of this up.

Perez, in 2006, did pitch 6-innings of one-run ball in that dreadful game seven of the NLCS. While he saved the day for an injury-plagued pitching staff, he has cost this team much more than he has given it.

On a night when Perez remains a mop in the pen, we wonder what if Duaner Sanchez ordered in that July night. Sanchez would have remained the set-up man and Perez may have never worn Mets orange.

New York would’ve called on other mediocre pitchers to take the ball in October, but the bullpen would’ve been stronger and there is no way Aaron Heilman would’ve been pitching in  the 9th inning of Game 7.

Perhaps the Mets go on to win the pennant with a bullpen at full strength and maybe they even go on to beat the Tigers in the Fall Classic.  Who knows where this franchise goes from there.

So four years later, the Mets have two people to blame for some of their problems. First, Omar Minaya for paying Perez a contract that is crippling this team. Second, Duaner Sanchez, for his appetite that cost the Mets a pennant and the reliever his career.


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