11 Jun

I get it, whip cream (or shaving cream) in the face of the game’s hero is the new fad in post-game victories.

We saw it throughout baseball for some time, but A.J. Burnett brought it to a new level last year as the Yankees journey to their 27th World Championship.

This season;however, we have seen an influx in pie attacks.

One of the biggest culprits: Angel Pagan.

He struck again last night, getting Jon Niese after his one-hit shut out at Citi Field.

Maybe this is asking to much, but can the Mets develop something new. I know the pie attack wasn’t born in the Bronx, but it sure feels like a Yankee thing.

So, what can Angel come up with to put a new stamp on post-game celebrations?

How about popping some champagne, hopefully foreshadowing some future October nights?

What about chocolate pudding, cannoli cream or strawberry short cake?

Moving away from baked goods, what about silly string. It worked for us as kids.

Or, how about nothing.

I love the chemistry building with this club, but the pie is old and not ours.

Either come up with something creative or go back to the days when creative handshakes were enough.



  1. keithosaunders June 11, 2010 at 9:36 AM #

    Couldn’t agree more. Other copy cat trends in baseball I can’t stand are

    1. Throw it back: Let the cutesy Cubbie fans have that one. You have to be a moron to throw back usch a rare souvenir. I don’t care if it came off the bat of Adolf Hitler. Keep it!

    2. Sweet Caroline: First of all this is one of the lamest songs ever to become a hit. Can’t you come up with your own inspirational fight song? Are you that rhythmically challenged taht you have to sing along with an MOR (middle of the road) artist?! Everytime they come to that part where the crowd yells “Oh Oh Ohhhh” I cringe.

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