13 Jun

The Mets entered this weekend series with an opportunity to beat up on the sinking Orioles and to fatten up their offensive numbers, and more importantly, move up the standings.

New York dominated Baltimore, both on the field and in the stands as Mets fans easily outnumbered the home team.

The Mets pitched well, hit well and had an easy weekend, moving within 1.5 games of first place and standing tall at 7 games over .500 for the first time this season.

Carlos Beltran is getting stronger in Florida, John Maine is improving as well and the Mets are going in the right direction as summer is a week away.

The road gets a little tougher with the Indians who are playing better of late. New York should take two and go into the Bronx on Friday with a 5-1 road trip behind them.

It is tough to win a series in the Bronx, although the Mets will have Pelfrey and Santana going. Even if they only manage one win, they will be 6-3 on this road trip and 7 over .500.

Any Mets fan will sign for that.

The road after the Yankees brings New York back to Citi Field as the Tigers and Twins will pay a visit.

The series against the Orioles and the three upcoming games against the Indians are an opportunity. The Mets are doing what they need to do.

A fan can only hope that this team will not only get fat in the standings, but that they will build confidence to help this team on the road in the future.

The season was almost lost back in May, but this team is right in the mix with a summer left to play.


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