Go Yanks

14 Jun

I fell under heavy criticism last October when I rooted for the Philadelphia Phillies over the New York Yankees in the World Series.

As I explained then, it was the best of two evils and Yankee fans were in a closer proximity to me. I didn’t want to hear them, which didn’t work out to well.

Well, these two teams meet again this week, but this time it is June and I am rooting for the men in pinstripes.

And the reason is simple.

The Phillies stand in our way from getting to October. After the weekend, there is nothing that the Yankees do or don’t do which will affect the Mets and their chances of seeing October for the first time since 2006.

The Phillies, although struggling, are still the Mets biggest problem in the NL East. If the Yankees beat up the Phillies this week and if the Mets take care of business in Cleveland, the results could pay off come the fall.

The Phillies are a second-half team, they have been one for three years. I have no problem rooting for the Yankees to bury the Phils a little more, giving the Mets a little more breathing room.

Will it be weird rooting for Jeter and Rodriguez? Absolutely, I can’t stand any of them.

Remember, there is plenty of time this weekend and the rest of the season to poke your voodoo doll and hope for the worst in the Bronx.

But this week, I am their biggest fan, ready to soak in all of the arrogance that is indeed Yankees baseball.


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