17 Jun

The Mets are supposed to beat the dreadful Orioles and Indians, even if the games take place on the road.

But supposed to be hasn’t meant much to this team and their faithful fans over the past few years.

They were supposed to beat the Cardinals in the 2006 playoffs. They were supposed to clinch the division or wild card in 2007 and 2008, both times having healthy leads and plenty of expected wins against the Marlins and Nationals that never came to be.

Last year, they were supposed to be competitive and injured stars were supposed to come back.

For this franchise, there is no such thing as supposed to be.

This is what makes these games of late so enjoyable. Sure, when the Yankees beat up on the worst of the American League, it almost doesn’t feel fair. But they are a different franchise with a different past.

For the Mets, no games are easy games.

Winning games against the teams you are supposed to beat is unfamiliar but welcomed territory for the boys from Flushing.

David Wright, who after last season, isn’t supposed to or expected to do anything. Yet with each big hit, he begins to resemble the Mets franchise third baseman.

The Reyes-Wright duo, enhanced by Angel Pagan’s presence, provides a way of playing the game that I for one never thought I would see under Jerry Manuel’s reign.

The Mets play small ball when the game calls for it and plays big ball when the opposing pitchers lack the velocity that the Mets see a great deal of in their division.

I am very interested in their execution of this style of ball in the coming week.

They go into the Bronx facing very good pitching while throwing two of their best out on the mound. After this series, the Mets return home to face the Tigers and Twins, two of the better AL teams.

After this stretch, we will have a better idea of where this team is and if management will go for the kill by adding a big time starter and some bullpen help.

With each sacrifice bunt, two out hit and big pitching performance, the Mets smart and gutsy form of baseball helps you realize that this team is good and has the potential to get better.

They are finally doing what they are supposed to do. The question is now if it can last as the competition gets stronger.


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