21 Jun

This week at Citi Field brings the strongest competition since the Yankees and Phillies made a visit to Flushing in late May.

That homestand launched the Mets into a pennant race and they return home to face two of the American League’s best.

The Tigers and Twins are the competition as the Mets look to rebound from their first series loss in several weeks but a 7-2 road trip. They come back home depending once again on the back-end of the rotation to pick up losses with Pelfrey and Santana on the mound.

The Mets are in a rough stretch of facing some strong pitching. They managed to play small ball well on their last home stand but they were limited in their opportunities while in the Bronx.

It will be interesting to see how they approach these games and how they use their ball park to their advantage.

If the Mets can pull off a 5-1 home stand, we can seriously discuss the Mets and their home field advantage.

Given the competition, you could find peace with a 3-3  stretch, loving a 4-2 home stand. Anything less has to be a disappointment.

If we are to believe that this team can hang around long enough and compete with the other mediocre to above-average competition in the National League, they need to play well against the game’s better  teams.

A season isn’t made in a series or home stand, but as the Mets continue to win, the more convinced management will be to make a run at a star pitcher to turn this team from an October hopeful into a World Series contender.

As June turns into July, the Mets play for a chance to bring in better players to fill holes and build postseason dreams.


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