27 Jun

The four losses this past week were good losses for the Mets and their franchise.

With Santana losing two starts in his worst week of his career, on and off the field, the Mets have questions about their ace.

I am not as worried about Santana as much as the radio callers on WFAN were yesterday, but he is not the dominant starter that he once was.

Takahashi isn’t a front line starter and he is better suited to pitch in the bullpen. With John Maine still injured, the Mets need another starter to fill Takahashi’s shoes.

That person needs to be an ace. Omar Minaya owes it to this fan base to make a run at a starter who can solidify an October visit, the same way Cliff Lee did for the Phillies last year and the way C.C. Sabathia did for the Brewers two years ago.

While Lee was with the Phillies all year in 2009, he lifted the team on his back throughout the summer and fall months. He can do the same for the Mets.

Even if it means giving up Jenry Mejia for a rental player, you have to wonder if Mejia will ever impact this team the way Lee can this season.

If Lee leaves after the year, the Mets will still get draft picks. Remember, it was the draft pick from Mike Hampton leaving that gave the Mets David Wright in 2001.

While Roy Oswalt may cost less and he will stick around longer, the Mets have the opportunity to bring in one of the game’s best pitchers in Lee.

Even if it is for three months, it is a move that makes sense for minor league talent.

If the Mariners ask for Angel Pagan, he should go too. I know he is the Mets most valuable player this season, but he is also a fourth outfielder.

He would’ve been traded last year if the opportunity came along and he will be traded next year when another opportunity arises.

If Carlos Beltran is healthy, Pagan can go. He is the Mets’ Endy Chavez of 2006. Where is Chavez now? We will ask the same about Pagan in a few years.

Pagan cannot stand in the Mets way for brining in Lee.

There is only one Lee out there.

Lee is the ace who can bring the Mets back to October.


One Response to “MESSAGE SENT?”

  1. keithosaunders June 27, 2010 at 12:11 PM #

    I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t want the Mets to become the Yankees. I hate the idea of trading Pagan for a three month player. We don’t know if Beltran is coming all the way back — he’s shown himself to be injury prone. Believe me, Beltran will get a hangnail that sidelines him for a month and the Mets will be missing Pagan. PLus, what if Beltran never regains his pre-injury form?

    Leave the rentals for the Yankees. Giradi can change his number every year until he rots. I’ll celebrate that Met championship when it happens organically — I can wait.

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