16 Aug

CITI2SHEA is back.

After a 6-week hiatus, Citi2SHEA is back and running, just as the Mets fell off the cliff of this baseball season.

The reason for the absence was my wedding that we will capture on this site in coming days. Mr. Met paid a visit to the wedding which was the cherry on top of a simply amazing day.

After the wedding and honeymoon, I returned to see the Mets were out of any serious contention. Unless this team manages to pull off one of the great comebacks in baseball history, 2010 will be no different from 2009, and in the end, the same result as every season since 1986.

While I hope to write about a wild card and pennant race, it is more likely for this site to become a blank canvas for the rebuilding of a fallen franchise.

This week, we will focus on the glimmer of hope that remains. We will also examine possible adjustments to the line-up and management for this season and the seasons to follow.

Thank You for your readership and we hope the last month and a half of this season gives us something worth writing and reading about.


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