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8 Jul

So in an effort to promote MLB Baseball, the Mets fans were treated to a different broadcast team for the fourth and fifth innings in San Francisco.

Gary Cohen and Ron Darling went to the MLB booth while Bob Costas and Al Michaels took over the SNY booth.

I happen to like Costas although there are many who cannot stand the voice of the Olympics. While he is not a play-by-play man like Cohen, he attempts to be poetic and for me, entertaining.

The two treats of the segment was Michaels return to baseball and the booth and the highlights of the 1999 NLCS.

Listening to Michaels, it brought me back to Monday Night Football and a voice that served as the background to Monday nights in the Walters house.

It was also a treat to hear Costas’ call on the Ventura Grand Slam Single.

I could’ve done without the obsession on how clean the booth was or the flashback to the 1988 Dodgers-Mets series.

In the end, it was a nice change for a Friday night. But I will still take Gary, Keith and Ron any day.