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Mets Feel Different

6 Mar

Hope is eternal in spring. Players are healthy, well most of them. Every team has a 0-0 record and the games they do play are equivalent to pick-up games in the sandlot because the results simply don’t matter. If a player has a bad game, we assume he’s just working on something new or we hear this is where he is supposed to be in the first week of March.

To summarize, there is plenty of time to worry and for doom to set in when the games start to count April 5th.

Despite the optimism that all teams feel this week, the Mets do have a different aura to them. Maybe it’s because the team has more vocal players like Jeff Francoeur who does a lot more smiling and a lot more talking. Maybe it’s David Wright’s new physique or the happy sight of seeing Jose Reyes finally run. It’s like watching your first-born walk.

Who knows if the feeling of this team stays with them when they come north. In fact, it’s probable that the feeling will have a direct correlation with the wins and losses.

There is plenty of time to talk and read about the lack of pitching depth and the countless question marks that surround this team (read below). But on a Saturday night in March when the New York weather reminded us that spring is on its way, we feel good about this team. Isn’t that what spring training is all about?