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Gonzalez to Mets, Let the Rumors Begin

4 Mar

By Jim Walters

John Heyman of SI.COM does a great job updating the Adrian Gonzalez situation in San Diego. And yes, it is a situation that will have a ripple effect on baseball.

Gonzalez is the best player on the Padres, and maybe the best hitter in the NL West. Every team that lost out or passed on Mark Teixeira  sees a second chance with Gonzalez.

He is the real deal.  He has a great glove at first and over the past three season he has over 30 home runs and more than 99 RBIs. He did all of this in the most pitcher-friendly ballpark in the game.

The Padres know they cannot pay him (agent John Boggs says price will start at $20 million a year). They also know that with each passing day, they lose trade value. Gonzalez has one full year on his contract plus a one year option. The longer the Padres wait to trade him, the less they get back because teams have a risk in taking a player who is only a short-term answer.

Here is the other piece. If the Padres don’t trade Gonzalez or if Gonzalez is traded but doesn’t sign an extension, he will join a free agent class following the 2011 season that may also include fellow first basemen, Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard. While Pujols will stay in St. Louis, the Phillies may have to trade Howard due to their influx of stars nearing free agency.

The Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, and yes, the Mets, have asked about Gonzalez. The Red Sox, with their deep farm system and tradeable talent on the field,  have the pieces to make the deal. The Mets, who are starting to highlight their farm system to distract the team from its’ glaring holes, may not be willing to part ways with Ike Davis, Jenry Mejia and Francisco Martinez. Take Davis, either Mejia or F-Mart, and Pelfrey, and the Mets and Padres can talk. New York would only consider making such a deal to lock him in long-term.

Since so many first basemen are going to be on the trading block or free agents, do the Mets live with Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis for 2010 and 2011, see where they are and then try to sign one of these players while keeping their top prospects in a Mets uniform.

The other factor, picture this line-up August 1st this summer:

Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Gonzalez, Bay, Francouer, Barajas, Castillo or

Reyes, Castillo, Wright, Gonzalez, Beltran, Bay, Francouer, Barajas.

Plenty of Gonzalez rumors to keep us reading this summer.